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UNIWEG is a dynamically developing enterprise operating on the TSL market since 2013. Our services include warehousing. We provide comprehensive solutions for our clients and the best logistic system tailored for their needs. Our warehouses are managed with a warehouse management system (WMS).

Our logistic services include:

  • Logistic and processing consultations for the given service, selection of the optimum solutions in the entire TSL service chain
  • Warehouse logistics
  • Order picking according to the client’s specifications
  • Packing and repacking service
  • Short-term warehousing
  • Possibility to handle non-standard packages


DRIVE IN racks

This is a system allowing maximum use of the available warehousing area. The racks are fit for storing similar products with low turnover and a high number of pallets per stock keeping unit. They allow storing loads with large dimensions after they are defined at the production stage. There are two ways of load handling: with one access point – a drive-in rack system – and with two access points on either side of the rack – a drive-through system.

Pallet racks

This is the best solution to pick if diverse products with high turnover need to be warehoused. The solution allows warehousing of pallets of different sizes and bulky products as well. A wide spectrum of profiles and additions allows optimum placement of all merchandise at different heights. The placement and height of the racks depend on the type of forklifts used, the warehoused merchandise and the size of the warehouse. This warehousing method guarantees easy control of stock.

Block stacking

This is the simplest warehousing system intended for uniform product groups with a low number of warehousing indices and merchandise batches, where FIFO or LIFO methods do not have to be observed. In block-stacking warehouses, merchandise in crates, cardboard boxes or pallets are stacked and placed next to each other in blocks, without racks.



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